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jewelry party

Like a Tupperware party, only better - because with jewelry... :) This is how it works: You take care of guests (approx. 4-10) as well as appetizers and drinks. We'll bring the jewelry. People chat, laugh, snack and marvel at and try on the latest GoldeuleJewelry creations. The host can choose a host gift at the end of the evening. The higher the total sales, the higher the value of the hostess gift.

Image by Kelsey Chance

Would you like to organize your own party?

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Have you been invited to a jewelry party?

"A friend told me about the GoldeuleJewelry jewelry parties and I tried it on my birthday. I'm blown away! A night out with my best friends and Melanie's beautiful jewelry - we had so much fun (and couldn't decide!)" Have you been invited to a jewelry party?"

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