CUSTOM ORDER upfront fee

CUSTOM ORDER upfront fee

This listing is a non-refundable custom order fee. If you want to discuss a custom order with me, please purchase this listing first. Thank you.

Here are the rules for custom orders:

I only re-work past designs of mine. If you're interested in a custom order, I'm asking you for an upfront payment of CHF 50.00 to ensure my time is covered for the back and forth of talking about the design, selecting a stone etc. You can purchase the custom listing here. The upfront payment is non-refundable. Please then send me pictures of designs and stones you've seen in my instagram account or in my shop and tell me as closely as possible what you want. OR if you just think you'd like a piece of my jewelry but you don't know exactly how it should look like, you can give me some general guidelines, send a few pictures of what you like and allow for some creative freedom. I will then happily surprise you with a one of a kind piece of jewelry made especially for you.

As soon as we've decided on the process, design, stone, size etc., I'm going to start creating your one of a kind piece of jewelry which usually takes up to 6 weeks. The final payment will have to be made before I ship your custom piece out to you.

    CHF 50.00Price