All my creations are made with love from .925 sterling silver and natural stones (semi precious gemstones). My pieces are designed to last a lifetime if taken good care of.

To maintain the quality and longevity of your jewelry, avoid wearing it during bathing, cleaning, swimming and other activities that could damage the silver or stone. The pieces should be stored seperately in airtight ziplock bags to prevent oxidation.

I include a free jewelry polishing cloth in every order. These are great to bring back the shine of your piece and remove tarnishing. To clean your jewelry, use mild soapy water and a soft brush. Be careful with the stone! DO NOT submerge in cleaning chemicals, as they can damage the stone and remove the patina.


Are you accepting custom orders?

I am currently not accepting custom orders. As much as I love working on special pieces for my customers, I am a one-woman-show and running this business part time, so I simply can't fulfill everyones requests. To keep up to date with my collection releases and shop updates, follow me on instagram @goldeulejewelry, sign up to my mailing list and check out my webshop frequently.

Where do I buy your creations?

My creations are only available through my webshop and occasionally through a flash sale on instagram.

Can this ring be resized?

No, unfortunately I cannot resize rings, as I do not have the equipment for this type of work. Professional resizings are typically made with a laser, and lasers typically cost more than my car. All my jewelry is soldered with an open flame, and heating a piece after the stone is set will ruin it completely. Removing a stone is fiddly work and quite risky to damage the stone or setting, that's why I can't offer resizings. However, if you've madly fallen in love with a ring that's not your size, I'm sure your local goldsmith could probably help you with a resizing.

What's this currency CHF?

CHF means Swiss Francs, and at the moment it's pretty much equal to USD. To find out the price in your currency, google is your best friend. If the price of a piece is CHF 100 and your currency is USD, simply open google, type in "100 chf in usd" and voilà. This works with every currency, for example "100 chf in eur" or "100 chf in gbp" etc.

What about ring sizes?

The ring sizes in my shop are US sizes. To find out your size, visit your local jeweler and get your fingers measured or simply place a piece of paper around your finger, mark where it meets, measure the length and find a converting table on google.

You're from Switzerland, why is everything in english?

As my main platform to advertise my jewelry is instagram, somehow most of my customers are from the US. I do of course highly appreciate my Swiss customers aswell, and I had my site in two languages for a while, but maintaining a website and a webshop in two languages is a nerve-wracking business and frail to mistakes. Also it's more likely for Swiss people to be able to understand english than vice versa... ☺

Can you hold a piece for me / can I buy a piece before the collection release?

As I want everything to be fair for everyone, I cannot offer this service, I'm sorry. I usually advertise upcoming releases on instagram, where you can subscribe to the countdown in my stories. You'll get a reminder as soon as the collection is live. Also subscribing to my newsletter is a good idea to stay up to date.

Do you offer split payments?

Yes, I do! All I need for it is your paypal address and we will agree on a payment plan with up to 4 partial payments. The first payment is due within 24 hours upon receipt of the paypal invoice and the item will be sent out once the full amount is paid. Please make sure the postal address linked to your paypal account is correct.



All orders are shipped with Swiss Postal Service. The package is insured up to CHF 300 and a tracking number will be provided with every package I ship out. Packages are usually shipped out within 2-5 business days after the incoming of the order.


I usually do not accept returnings. However, please do contact me if something is wrong. I want my customers to be 100% satisfied. I carefully pack every order in solid boxes, but should something arrive damaged or broken, please contact me immediately!


If, for some reason, a piece purchased from me needs repair or a stone replaced, I will do my best to work with you to bring your piece back to life. Some repairs I cannot accommodate, such as resizing rings. Feel free to contact me and we will get your jewelry as new again! 

I don't do repairs on pieces not made by me.